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Mansoor Rapstar

My name is Mansoor Sajid but in showbiz industry my name is Mansoor Rapstar. when I was 8 years old then i am very keen in acting, modeling, singing and raping. then i worked in 3 to 4 dramas as well as 2 films. I has been working with Syed Sohail Bukhari in direction for two years. i also working in many direction and showbiz industry.  Now i’m working as a rapstar. By the Grace of God I released two songs. I worked with many well knowon actor which  I saw in my childhood and i never think i will work with them. The actor was Jawad Bashir, Bilal Ishari, Salman Shahid, Laila Zubairi, Dj Mohsin, Ahmed, Uzma Khan, Ushna Khan, Toqeer Nasir, Asad Malik, Kamran Mujahid, Sami Khan,  etc.

Now i’m working with a new Telefilm Black Magic. I have also offer form Dubai. I’m working in raping as well as direction. Now i live in Pakistan and working with well known person of showbiz. I’m multitalented person and show my talent to people in writing, rapstar, direction.

Now i met with Aamir Samuel and see his work. I’m really impressed with Aamir Samuel Person. Then I’m started working with Aamir Samuel as Co-direction,Model and Acting Coordinator. Aamir Samuel is well known person of showbiz. Now i’m working on a new Telefilm with Aamir Samuel. I’m giving a classes to new talent to promote in industry. So that is really new experience to work with ST Production.

I have many future plans work in showbiz as rapstar, model and acting Co-ordiantor. I’m not thinking about any much except my field because I love singing, acting and raping. My family support me. MY cousin, father and my many friend are working in showbiz when i supported them. Now i have many offers in Karachi but i don’t go to Karachi because my family want i work in Lahore that’s why I’m working in Lahore showbiz industry. To work with ST production I’m feeling very happy I feel like very good and now i’m very happy to work with Aamir Smuel and team member of showbiz industry. This is really a new experience and you can see my work in future.

ST Production work in many years in Showbiz industry so I feel very lucky to the part of this Agency. They always promote new talent in showbiz. So it is very good to work with Style Take Modeling Agency. I’m very humble and friendly person. My nature is very good I always care my friend and family person.

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