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Model Competition

Hi guys
The shooting our first promo is started with great thrilling and excitement. The shooting of Sana Khan and Ali Zafar has done and we will complete first promo for upcoming day and then auditions will be started so those candidates which are wanna to participate these competition ready for them that is a good opportunity to prove them and our promo uploading soon don’t forget to share and like them ……..
S.T Productions is one of the largest modeling agency, production house and studio of the Pakistan. S.T Productions always bring new and different entertainment for their followers and viewers.
And now again st maintain this imposing convention of amusing the viewers.
After unanimous decision of S.T Productions team, S.T Productions is going to organize exciting and passionating , rivalry among S.T Models.
Fundamental essence of this competition is to promote the models, channel their skills and talent and make them recognized.
This competition will certainly develop confidence in models and might be open new doors of exciting opportunities and success for them.
Not only style take’s models but also other models can take part in this competition.
This is a golden chance for models to prove their selves and to show their inconspicuous astonishing abilities.
Now Im going to recapitulate.
This competition will be hosted by notorious model sana khan, Sahil Rana and renowned photographer & dircetor Aamer samuel.
First of all models who are interested to become part of this competition should follow strict health and fitness regime, so that they would be able to become more competent against their rivals and give them a tough time.
Soon S.T Productions will release promo films of Assigned models, to show the endeavor of models to excel in the opposition.
Selected models would be divided into teams.
Twist in this competition is that each model would have to perform individually as well as in the group.
Initially there would be tangible short term goals, but as the competition proceed it would be impervious and acrid.
And eventually the contestant, who will accomplished the task very well and keep persist till end will be the winner and will be awarded with the title of ” Model Of The Year”. 2nd and 3rd models would be awarded with the title of ”Model Of The Month” and ” Model Of The Week” respectively. And these winners definitely would get long term benefits.
So be ready for the competition.
Shooting of the competition’s promo is on going now days. Soon it will be released.
This promo is directed by Amir Samuel.
Amir Samuel is the renowned name in the world of fashion industry. He is notorious fashion photographer and director.
He have amazing skills of photography, graphic designing and editing.
That is intend of his consecrative endeavor that promo is directed very beautifully.
His imposing work manifest, he’s latent artistic and stylish thoughts.
He is very conscientious and prefer to see the task accomplished well.
To yield new talent with great opportunities, he decided to held this competition ,that plays direct and proactive role in promoting models. Promo Coming Soon……………….

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