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Update 2015-2016 about Aamir Samuel

Aamir Samuuel is a well known person of showbiz. Aamir Samuel is the photographer, director and actor. He is a multitalented person. He always do a great work . Aamir Samuel gives really a great direction during shoots. He is very friendly and loveable personality.  There are some projects which we did in last year. There are many brand shoots which we did in 2015-2016. Now there is also some projects about movies, telefilms and songs. In these projects Aamir is also work as a director, actor and photogratpher. He is a multitalented person.

Also musical concerts was attended. was a great musical night in Lahore, a lot of fun, amusement and enjoyment during show. All the great and top singers of Pakistan was coming in this show. Now Style Take Modeling Agency is one of biggest platform in Pakistan.

Aamir launched a new brand in market. Ideal look is the name of brand and also deal look is the brand shoot. In shoot we had a great fun. we did alot of fun during shoot. Aamir Samuel is the photographer of these shoots.

Aamir are also working on his body, face cuts. He is very delighflul about his work. Now this is time to promote new talent in market with great effort toward Style Take Modeling Agency.

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