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Ihtisham Ahmad Khan is the model of our agency. He did a great work in showbiz industry for last years. He started his career with our agency and now he is working in many other people of showbiz industry Style Take Modeling Agency. Pakistan new talent always promoted towards our agency. We have a great time with out models. This is short interview towards Ihtisham Ahmad Khan.
I did my first portfolio towards Style Take Modeling Agency. I am very keen about showbiz industry. Then I call our beloved person the owner of showbiz industry Aamir Samuel. He is one of the fine and perfect photographer of showbiz industry. He give me a chance and promote in showbiz industry very well.
Aamir Samuel is the owner of this Agency. He is very kind hearted person and very amicable personality. He is well mannered person of showbiz. He is well known photographer and Director. Aamir Samuel was done my first photo shoot. And during my first portfolio I was very nervous and don’t know the direction and good expressions. But he taught me very good way and also guide me to work in the industry.
When I saw my first portfolio pictures then I was amazed now I have a big change on our face expression I do a lot of grooming on myself to improve my haircut, bread style, dressing, way of talk, gesture that is the important thing of any model. People don’t think what he should before and after joining the agency. You must feel change in yourself after joining Style Take Agency. It is best platform to show his talent.
Now I have done at many shoots and fashion shows. So that is done towards Style Take Modeling Agency. Style Take Modeling Agency Promote you in Films, songs and also in different field of science. If you work in showbiz toward Style Take then it is a great pleasure and you feel the real importance of showbiz industry.
Here I display my first photo shoots pictures and also my fashion show which I did in past. You must see the great change in myself and my personality is build up after joining the agency. I have a best time when I am working in showbiz industry because I want to live that moment when you are interested something then you feel the magic of that work.
ST Modeling agency is working in U.A.E. and international market. Aamir Samuel gives very good directions. He is very friendly and cooperative. Our agency always gives good opportunity of our models to promote in market. Grooming directions are also given in our agency. All the models are very hardworking and they are very passionate about his modeling career.
I also did many brand shoots for different agencies. Here is also Style Take Promote me to these brands shoots because he is working in many years and do a great work for our agency. My posters were also published in Lahore towards Style Take Modeling Agency. Here is also some pictures of it,
This is short biography about my experience in showbiz industry and how I work in this field. If any one wants to work in showbiz industry then he just needs to tell Aamir Samuel. He promotes him in showbiz industry.
When I did my first photo shoot then I have not very good experience about expressions but Aamir Samuel is the best person I worked ever have. He helps me to groom my self so that I look like a model. Now after taking this shoot he gave me some good advices about showbiz industry. Style Take always give very good models in showbiz industry. I hope you support my interview. I always want to show my talent for people do a great and best work for my self.
I have also some future plans toward Style Take Modeling Agency. But I love to work in showbiz. So if want to become a model and look like a model. Then Style Take is the best place to show his talent in industy…..

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