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Sohaib Hassan


Hello everyone, I am ¬†Shah. I was born on Janaury 18, 1996 at Faisalab. Being the only son of my parents I was brought up under an immense care. I was lucky enough to had a guardian who was serving Pakistan Air Force as Chief Warrant Officer; my beloved dad Abdullah Shah, my all time favourite personality, my ultimate inspiration and my back up. Belonging to a well to do family was another biggest blessing of Allah for which I can’t thank Him enough. From my childhood days, I was a bit a different kind of child in terms of looking, dressing etc. I won many modeling competitions held at my school college and university. I always liked to be a neat and clean boy and a discriminated one among masses. With the coming time this habit developed more and more in me, taking me to the level where It was never easy to return. I made it my routine to watch Modeling shows and go through the magazines to search for the latest fashions and dressings. I started following all the programs related to modeling and showbiz industry. Then in 2015, I joined GC University Faisalabad as a student of BS English. English department was very famous for extracurricular activities. At the Annual function, I was asked by the seniors to walk on the stage like models do. I did it and got award “Best Model” of the year. There was all around applauds for me. After the function many of my friends came to me and asked “Shah, why don’t you join modeling? You will rock there buddy. You have every thing to be a good model”. I asked them to consider their suggestion. Now what I needed was to come across a person who could provide me a platform to show my talent. Allah arranged a source for me and I met Aamir Samuel (Professional Photographer and Film Director of Style Take Modeling Agency). He treated me as a younger brother and told me A-Z route for being a good model. I can’t thank him enough for all the good things, he has done for me. I hope our brotherhood and friendship will have no ends. At the end I must mention that I am a person with full of determination. People around me rate me as a good looking, smart, handsome, eye catcher and a disciplined boy. I have very clear intention to be the best model. I see myself taking the best model award one day. In this regard, I have a full backing of Mr. Aamir Samuel and Style Take Agency.

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